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now micro-blog has become the most popular network marketing platform, the major companies have also entered the field of micro-blog marketing, micro-blog marketing is the basis of fans. There is such a statement for micro-blog fans: the number of fans more than one hundred, the equivalent of a magazine; more than one thousand, equivalent to more than ten thousand bulletin boards; is a magazine; more than one hundred thousand, it is a newspaper; more than one million is a national newspaper; it is over tens of millions of television. The power of the fans is strong. How to quickly accumulate popularity and fans are a lot of webmaster tangled things. In fact, attracting fans also have some skills and methods, as long as the appropriate application can achieve good results.

must first be able to retain the contents of fans. Although it has only 140 words, but how to write these words are learned, the beginning to attract the eye, the middle of the content to be structured, the end of the best can also light up the theme of the 140. The theme of their own micro-blog to be clear, so that fans can find your core content. Micro-blog insert pictures in the content, and sometimes appropriate to join the video or music can increase the amount of forwarding micro-blog.

take the initiative to look for. Especially for a novice, he has no popularity, if you do not take the initiative to pay attention to others, others will not pay attention to you. The best search that has some similarities with their own people when looking for fans, have a common point will focus on each other. Light is not enough to listen to, to participate in the interaction between the fans, improve their activity, others naturally focus on you. As long as the accumulation of every day, the number of fans will soon be up.

then actively participate in popular topics. Now the rapid development of the Internet, whenever a hot topic will soon spread throughout the country, such as micro-blog’s real name system, CSDN password leaks, etc.. These hot spots can be used to write some comments or views, coupled with the interaction between fans to explore these topics can be a good way to improve the popularity of micro-blog.

finally to learn the statistical analysis of data. Every day of your micro-blog data analysis summary, from different content, different time of micro-blog traffic can see the audience likes the content and the audience to listen to the general time. According to these statistical results on their release of micro-blog’s content and time to adjust, all according to the preferences of the audience, will naturally be welcomed.

the number of fans is up, but the marketing effect is why so small? Some enterprises micro-blog has 100 thousand fans, but the only 100 people to become their customers, and some enterprises only 10 thousand of micro-blog fans, but can let 1000 of them become their customers. I believe this is a lot of enterprises are facing the confusion, which is the conversion from the fans into the problem of the customer. The number of fans is important, but only the pursuit of the number of fans, without considering the value of these fans can bring, it did not understand the nature of the enterprise micro-blog marketing. So, for micro-blog marketing, how

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