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private hospitals in addition to their own corporate website, often will build a number of promotional sites, the purpose is to improve the search engine through a large amount of information collected with SEO, improve the site’s natural rankings. Potential patients through the search engine to enter the site, they have the opportunity to accept the consultation as an outpatient. This has been introduced in my network marketing blog. But standing in the ordinary user’s point of view, what kind of private hospitals to set up the site in order to meet their needs, the same, what kind of site can meet the needs of users and to meet the search engine?


weaknesses to avoid competition

said here refers to the homogenization of competition, the innumerable websites on the internet. Many private hospitals offer a number of sites, but they do website may have internal conflicts, such as certain male hospital has its own website, but also do a certain male network, in addition to the page is not the same, the settings and the content is almost the same, not to mention the Internet thousands of similar sites. The same article can exist in the tens of thousands of websites, so this website built is vain, but many people also found that since the second half of this year, Baidu does not do the bidding of medical website information is less and less. So how to avoid weaknesses, fully embodies its own advantages and stronger rivals is very important. Such as 39 Health Network portal, basically belong to the Big Mac, each function should be seriously ill with private hospitals do the big portal, the cost of manpower and material resources are unable to fight. But the carrier also has its own deficiencies, it is unable to drive home in Xiaohegou, so Xiaohegou still need a boat. It is wise to set up a health website with the fixed population as the target group, and to attract the attention of a specific group within a small area. But why are we doing this, the effect is very general


2, correctly grasp the site positioning

one by one to establish disease disease categories, daily reproduced such sites, articles, each hospital has a will suffice. Since you want to do a website, it is necessary to separate the content and now, otherwise the effect can be thought. Reduce the post content that offered to users what? Interactive! Including interactive forums, quizzes and other columns, is also a very difficult thing, because the content for users to free release, the relevant departments tube very strict, but also very easy to crash. But search engines like, localization of interactive community users also like. There is a need to pay attention, since it is not the official website of the hospital, we should try to reduce the hospital advertisement color in the selected content to cover and contain everything. In addition to competitors, the public hospitals and medical circles within the region can be reproduced in the news, highlighting the nature of public welfare in the design of the page, and do SEO optimization.

              in addition to the content of the site, to health care knowledge and disease presentation each have a bias, improve the proportion of health care knowledge content; topics and articles >

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