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Beijing November 6 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhao Xiaoyan Zhang Tianqi intern correspondent SIFA) Zhejiang Hangzhou West Lake court recently hearing together through the Taobao sales of counterfeit brand printer cartridge case. Zengmou began to open in April 2012 in Taobao, the main sales of printer cartridges, ribbons, etc. the powder storehouse. These products are also famous brand, there are HP, Panasonic, etc., two years had a profit of 34 yuan.

has a printer cartridge was originally sold at a company clerk, later he resigned and became a small business, related to online sales of printer cartridges and other products. Originally, once sold products are genuine, but because the profit is not high, once played a crooked idea.

July 2012, Zengmou start selling counterfeit cartridges, ribbons and other products. He purchased a large number of naked drum from Guangdong (no brand cartridges), which is suitable for different specifications of the bare drum brand printers, and then to the packaging, so that these bare drum became "HP" and "Panasnoic" brand products, and then put them in the Zengmou to open his own shop on the sales of Taobao.

said, these bare drum of the purchase price of 60 yuan to 80 yuan, the sales price of 100 yuan to 150 yuan, while the real price of those brand cartridges in 400 yuan.

increase in order to increase sales, increase the level of the store, both sellers and buyers, dozens of times a month, the average transaction, so that the rapid increase in the volume of shops.

as of July 2013, the amount of sales of a Taobao store reached more than 34 yuan.

July 2013, West Lake police on suspicion of selling counterfeit registered trademark goods will be arrested on the grounds. October 2014, the West Lake procuratorate to sell counterfeit registered trademarks of goods to Zengmou prosecution.

trial, Zengmou said voluntary confession. Originally opened Taobao shop is to help solve the economic difficulties at home, but the law is weak, with the wrong method, now let the family bear the greater pressure, I regret it." Zeng said.

West Lake court date for the case to be sentenced.

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