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The annual

business platform are doing this or that planning, as is the use of a variety of special day to increase trading volume, many of their efforts are often in order to enhance the user’s impulse to buy, because for most users, in the beginning of the goods on the shopping site is not cold, and there is no demand for the purchase, but in the end did not buy often these users have reached a higher than expected trading volume of many orders, the reason is that these shopping sites will enhance the user’s impulse to buy to the extreme. So what specific aspects can we enhance the user’s buying impulse?

a, shaping the limited time limit Limited sales atmosphere is conducive to enhance the user to buy impulse. This point we will be more familiar, that is the so-called hunger marketing. Through the commodity shopping site in the limit sales, often can give users bring a sense of tension to buy, fear to lose or miss the opportunity is the common psychological characteristics of users, for some goods in the electronic business platform limited flash sale thinking can reduce the user buy time to hesitate, time will be reduced, the purchase will be a corresponding impulse upgrade.

two, the use of emotional elements to break the user purchase impulse. There are a lot of users, there will be a certain degree of psychological reception of the purchase, but in exceptional circumstances can break the level of acceptance, because people are emotional animals. So, the use of emotional elements can often greatly enhance the user’s purchase impulse shopping website. We think about Valentine’s day can usually buy a bunch of roses in the holiday money can only buy one, but there are countless men without hesitation to fight for their pockets, this may be the result of emotional elements. For example, in the well-known electronic business platform has a cosmetic value of several thousand dollars, usually impossible to buy, but this time his girlfriend’s birthday or Valentine’s day, the boys often would not hesitate to buy. The electronic business platform shopping experience design if can use emotional elements, users tend to make unexpected impulse buying, especially commodities, the lovers love everyone pays attention to maternal and child products, high-end gift sales more easily into the emotional elements to enhance the user’s buying impulse.

three, through the addition of consumption and sales to reduce the user’s purchase hesitation. In fact, many users whether to store or to the electricity supplier website to go shopping, often can see commodity prices too high and abandon the purchase, but each user has petty psychological, don’t say you have no, but everyone will have a different degree. So, how to make users reluctant to give up buying? In fact, there are a lot of commercial electricity supplier website user is not required, but in order to get can get unexpected benefits, this time the user will feel picked up cheap, especially the full number of postage, the number of 10% yuan, the amount that will stimulate more the user’s consumption. There are several common ways:


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