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news recently, e-commerce giant eBay eBay professional search engine B2B " ( "; a hundred responses to a single call, B2B will have a Taobao search again.

as a C2C e-commerce giant eBay eBay, in the past few years in the Chinese market and the local C2C platform Taobao competition lost, in recent years the Chinese market has been sluggish. But as the electronic commerce consumer China, eBay naturally will not easily give up, how to find the chance to play again Chinese market, their own market and regain the previous dominance, that has been the headquarters of the United States is an important thing about ebay.

said eBay eBay the injection amount is estimated at a hundred responses to a single call of tens of millions of dollars, eBay eBay will borrow capital B2B search C2C China battles a hundred responses to a single call to the market. In this news release, the author tries to link the two sides with a hundred responses to a single call and eBay eBay confirmed the news authenticity and accuracy, but has not been confirmed both.

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