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Talk about the implementation of some elements of

Amoy brand! First to have their own independent domain name; there should be systematic promotion strategy; we must have the courage to explore; to have a heart of perseverance. Separate specific statement.

first, we must have their own independent domain name

own guest spend tens of dollars to register an independent domain name, I think this is every guest can afford the investment, may be a lot of guest feel no need, then you are wrong! Because we are every day in a variety of platforms to promote products, are used in different advertising code, even if you have to many others may not know you through advertising code! And your domain name is completely different! We can be unified to promote our domain, and then through the domain name to promote different products.

I registered with you further promotion, your domain visibility will be increasingly high, the domain name is an accumulation of your promotion effect of the platform, as long as you remember to renew the domain name, the domain name will always belong to you, your promotion effect will continue to accumulate. If one day you do not do the Tao! You can also put your domain transfer out, it can also deliver you have paid efforts! Maybe someone will ask! If you have a domain name on the site? Don’t? Do not want to buy space? Have a domain name and space I how do not do not actually for these problems!! I will give you the answer! As long as you have the domain name, you do not need to buy the site space does not need

will do!

because we don’t need to website!! we only need a web site for space on the line! We can go to apply for some free web space, their own online search a lot, but here we need to solve three problems:

1, but at least do not require their own will do a simple web page

2, free space may be unable to record their own domain name,

3, with the free space of possible search results is not good, then we should be how to solve these problems? For these problems to solve before may be more difficult, but now is not what to completely solve the difficult, we now as long as the use of the domain name calling, can solve these problems completely, please pay attention to me it is not the domain name calling the old domain name before the stop mode, the domain name is the same old dock need your domain name through the filing to stop, and you can only put others domain name pointing to page ads, they are not likely to let you put yourself to the promotion of the Taobao products, there is a maximum the disadvantage is that there is a serious amount of deduction.

and now a new domain name calling is not absolutely necessary but the heart, as long as you have your own domain name, the domain name refers to a specific connection on their domain to achieve, here is the transfer function of domain name and not to the former kind of pass "

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