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believe that when you look at the shopping site, will encounter a lot of online video or music, but the effect of how to put the video, then how to put it?

TV shopping, as we all know, once a hot moment, the phone can ring every day! TV shopping online shopping has the authority, intuitive, public advantages. As everyone knows the TV shopping products, Fang Nair underwear, magic quite, popular TV shopping products, propaganda films have good reason to convince the purchase of daily shipments is superior. At this time a lot of individual product sites, such as breast enhancement, weight loss, etc., are hanging on the website of the video, the video can better express the effect of the product, it seems that there is still a certain effect on the video.

then, Xu Deng’s company also began on the network to sell magic quite, priced at 250 yuan, a lot cheaper than the TV shopping site design is open, a television shopping video, telephone number, place orders. He started playing advertising through the network, many also made several million Internet advertising, but unlike TV shopping, but few orders! Why TV shopping to get online, it doesn’t work? Xu Deng may be speculation following reasons:

1 online fast-paced. People who watch TV all know that TV ads are mandatory. On the contrary, you can turn off at any time. Most people are tired of advertising, click on the ad to enter the shopping site is found on a video, and no words to describe the information, the video is also advertising content, it is likely to leave directly. Or because of the speed of the video load is too slow, the user left.

2 online customers is not the first time to see will buy. TV shopping advertising is to the specified time, can only see in a certain period of time, but the network is not the same, can be second times when users want to watch! Then it may, through Baidu, Google search keyword, then the customer will be bidding to buy those businesses to take.

3 online information rich, sensitive. Internet users know that the Internet a lot of crooks, consumers fear fooled, must be observed. TV shopping, after all, is a television station, often meet that there is not familiar with, the authority will be higher. Although TV shopping fraud as much, after all, ground information dissemination is not convenient, many people still do not know. You know: TV shopping is forbidden to SARFT, rather than the product can not buy do not do.

but the video is intuitive, the public is really strong, it has its advantages. How to integrate video into shopping, it depends on the skills, to allow users to choose.

, like background music, is not good, it will be the opposite. 07 years, Xu Deng’s company in Tibet to do a product, get a "Plateau" mid background music, the effect is better than no music! Mid music softly, "Tibetan Plateau" this song, everyone know, hear it Lenovo to Tibet, and just the products of Tibet Fu >

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