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in the management of China when a Korean beauty, just come to me to understand the trend information, add me. The two of us spent the night talking. So she is also doing the network, and in the company is responsible for the promotion of the network. Chat, we talked to the domain name investment, she is still very insightful domain name investment, gave me a good lesson. Sorted out today, and share with you.

digital domain name as a family member of the domain name, is a relatively limited number of attracting more and more attention. The existence of this kind of attraction has certain theoretical basis.

because the appreciation of digital domain involves some aesthetic principles, it has a certain degree of relativity and subjectivity. The world does not exist from the consciousness of the "absolute objective" of the United States, people’s understanding of the United States is an objective and subjective results. So, for the United States recognize the existence of different views, or aesthetic differences which is very reasonable. Today, the scope of the digital domain to reduce the main discussion of the 3 digital domain name, the number of digital domain name more representative and a certain amount of investment, and the CN domain name, for example, the recent CN domain name is the new hot investment.

3 digital domain as an example, with digital to reduce the burden of memory that the domain name is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory effect. The problem is divided into several categories.

(1) 3 digits exactly the same (extreme case)

this is the best memory, such as Gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory。 However, a good memory is only one aspect of the value of the domain name. This domain name is not the best answer?. The uncertainty is based on. The first is everyone has his likes and dislikes, three love to eat meat, eat vegetables may love Li four. Another reason is the simple repetition of the aesthetic. Simple finite repetitions can lead to visual fatigue and adaptation, which is to turn a blind eye. This adaptation is particularly evident in the long string of numbers, such as, looked very uncomfortable, in the short numbers do not appear prominent, but the absolute existence of this effect.

(2) ABC (continuous type)

this domain name is also rare, such as: this domain name is relatively rare. Current market value of 1.5-2.8 million.

(3) ABC (not even without

, 4)

this domain name is still more, such as, etc., this is a common domain name, the current market value of 0.6-1 million.

(4) ABC (not even, with 4


this domain name is more, and the value is not very high, mainly because of the Chinese people’s habits, such as (I’m going to die, ha ha, who dare to ah ~), the current market value of 0.3-0.7 million.

(5) ABB, AAB (band >

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