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you know 90? If you come up with Ma Jiajia’s erotic speech PPT, you will not feel surprised? If the mobile terminal brand O2O look at Nike is doing, you will not feel surprised? Yes, they are 90, or they are the consumers of 90. Their business thinking and action to tell us: consumers are changing, gradually become the subject of social spending has 90 do not believe that the original brand, in the new business era, they are telling their own logic of consumption.

this excerpt from the Youth Research Report of "small world" after 90 young — in the era of SK, vice president of telecommunications investment Jian Jiang strongly recommended.

this era is the era of the rise of individual society, is an ordinary person who are yearning for the establishment of a complete individual, access to science and technology, but also face the new era of social constraints. For the brand, to get the attention of 90 young people, the establishment of brand loyalty, has become increasingly difficult.

young people lopsided self exploration, put forward new requirements for the brand, has also been given new opportunities. The so-called opportunity, from whether the brand is sympathetic to the 90 young people in society in the process of individual desire, anxiety and behavior change; from whether the brand can only focus on the logic of consumerism in addition to the young consumer identity, to inject more of a complete individual field of vision and sense of responsibility.

over the past few years, the brand echoes social changes and young people yearning, called on young people to dare to dream, but also to encourage young people to dare to act. The role of the brand is still the spectator, it all boils down to courage, encouraging young people to break through barriers. But young people don’t have much to say about it. Because of social media, 90 young people know earlier than the brand of the current situation, including their yearning and anxiety. For the plight of the individual, the agitator can not bring immediate value. In an uncertain age, young people need empathy, not erase individual differences and possible limitations, encouraging blindly. A slogan type of agitation, may be offered only a distress pressure reminder. In the young man’s words, "I hope someone can help me with life, but don’t want someone pointing on my life".

corresponds to the four important yearning and anxiety when the individual grows up in the 1990s, the brand can be a life innovator, an interested person, a bond and a social change. These four social roles, also defined in this era of cultural leadership of the brand, the need to have the ability and quality of the four.

1, as an innovative brand of life

90 to focus on the individual construction of the moment, life has become the key to the moment. As an innovator in life, they can bring direct value to them.


(1) from representing my dream to bring me a good life

brand deep

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