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The author of this article is Penny

Kim, a marketing expert, this article tells the story she moved from Dallas to Silicon Valley a record prices, the annual salary of $135 thousand, and $10 thousand with relocation subsidies.

it’s not easy for me to tell the story. When I look back on it, I often feel embarrassed, angry, and regret. But in general, this is a story worth listening to and life experience. I hope we can choose to start a new business or work, can be more vigilant. What you are going to read is actually happening in the last four months. In order to protect the privacy of the innocent, I changed some names.

was completely deceived by something

it all happened in May 2016. When I lived in Dallas, I was busy working in search some opportunities in San Francisco Bay area. I applied for the position of marketing director of X company, and soon I got the job offer from the chief technical officer. I happened to have a telephone interview in Losangeles. He invited me to meet him at Santa Clara the next day. He did not tell me the meaning of the flight, so I asked him who will pay for the fare. At that time, the chief technology officer asked me to make a reservation and told me that I would be compensated later. But then I chose to believe. That’s what I think: startups found on won’t lie to me. On the second day, I met with the co founders in the office of the company.

‘s chief executive, Michael, says he is the owner of a successful multinational mining group, a multimillion dollar investor. He was a former JPMorgan analyst. Charlie, chief technology officer, started his first start-up after graduation, and sold it. He also worked in IBM. The two person to promote their own "cattle experience" than to promote their own products (I later realized that this is their meeting in the investor repeatedly talk about the topic). Anyway, I still believe they have a viable idea, I am also interested in product development. They told me that I would have a $4 million marketing budget and could be solely responsible for the selection of my team. They seemed to be a veteran entrepreneur, but then there was a word that bothered me for a long time. When I asked if Charlie employees had a probation period (some of my previous employers would use this), he replied, "no, it’s because I’ve been hiring and firing quickly." I don’t know which part of this sentence makes me hesitate.

warning signal 1: when someone says they "rapid employment, rapid fire", please believe them, and then leave the company.

after we finished the interview, they took me to lunch with some of the rest of the team

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