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with the further development of China’s market economy,

more and more people join the ranks of entrepreneurs,

set off a new upsurge of entrepreneurship in china.

however, the vast gold rush, opportunities and challenges coexist,

how to successfully embark on the first step of entrepreneurship is crucial.

for a person who is ready to start a business,

the first step is to set up a business of their own company,

to set up a company is a complex process,

has a lot of details and rules, not every entrepreneur knows,

this article from the perspective of an entrepreneur,

detailed preparation of the whole process of the establishment of a company,

hope to readers especially ready to go gold readers some help and inspiration.

we usually talk about the company, there are five common types:

limited liability company


is funded by fifty shareholders,

each shareholder shall be liable to the company for the amount of capital contribution it has subscribed to,

is an economic organization responsible for its debts with all its assets.

Limited by Share Ltd

consists of 2 or more persons under the sponsor of 200,

all the capital into equal shares,

shareholders are liable to the company for their shares.

collective ownership


based on cooperation,

implementation of labor cooperation and capital cooperation,

according to the distribution of work and stock dividends by combining

workers work together to share the means of production,

, benefit sharing, risk sharing, equality, democratic management of corporate organization.


limited partnership

general partners and limited partners have at least 1 people.

the general partner shall be liable for the debts of the partnership.

individual proprietorship

personal investment management,

owned and controlled by the individual, the individual to assume operational risks and enjoy all operating income of the enterprise.

sole proprietorship operated by a sole proprietorship has unlimited economic responsibility,

bankruptcy debtor can detain the owner’s personal property.


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