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formula has no 500W after reading their own judgment, I think it is more than 500W. Electricity supplier should understand a formula, you may have seen a lot of times, and then a few days to forget, I think the most basic thing is the most worthy of thinking things, the road to jane.

turnover = visitor number x conversion x customer price%

I think

was originally a formula is very ordinary, but after I had so much to recall this formula feel very secret, and practice! Really good, share with you


as a way to increase store turnover:

if you want to increase sales is equivalent to increase turnover, this formula is only for the purpose of improving the turnover. Of course, only a single variable is assumed, which is not the case.

So we assume that

formula one by one analysis, turnover (by variable) = the number of visitors (by variable) x conversion rate (constant) x the price (constant) this turnover is not up? Well now is a key problem of how to increase the number of visitors to


a visitor number (basis)

on this issue I personally think there are a few things you can do, not necessarily correct but good results.

1 product architecture, such as you have a lot of sales of products, but there is another look the same, because similar words overlap, such unfavorable search, search the customer if your products are almost only one can survive, this is the experience. That is, you can attract different types of customers on the structure.

2 main map, a good art is a store of blessing. A good master plan decided in the same keywords inside hits! This can be done to find a few figure group or colleagues to see, the eyes of the masses is the most important, you can vote, this is estimated that many people do not know, do not have to do big companies.


repeat, this is necessary, the electricity supplier who eventually customers who will be able to more on how to improve, repeat how let him become your fans, this is what you want to do, such as the VIP system, the coupon (paper, can let the customer like money treasure), micro-blog, WeChat…… As to how to get yourself to develop the brain to think, and each of the different attributes of the commodity is not uniform.

4 mobile payment flow…… These do not say, these are the last thing.

two conversion rate

turnover (by variable) = the number of visitors (constant) x conversion rate (had variable) x the price (constant) in the number of visitors is difficult to improve the situation will only do the internal conversion, the design of the shop to the work, the need to use to store the fundamental analysis is not possible but the basics are in place.

1 customer service capability


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