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on digital marketing activities, only to forget that from Chicken Burger King, office supplies manufacturer OfficeMax "own avatar dwarfs", a way to pull away, become the history of the best communication effect of viral marketing activities. For this activity, we had in the festival marketing tactics in the virus severe epidemic done on card. At the end of the holiday season, specific statistics show that this activity is indeed very successful.

almost 26 million 400 thousand of the people (which account for about 1/10 of U.S. Internet users) visited the office’s holiday site in this season. This site allows users to post their own faces to the dancing dwarfs. This figure is 10 times in 2006, the first launch of the event in 2006.

"This is really a spectacle of the digital age," says Anne,

‘s Toy, the site’s creative advertising agency, Bologna." According to her, if people spend time on the site during the holiday season, the total number is 2614. "123 million of the dwarves were created during the holiday season in 2007," he said. "In the past 200 years, the number was about 11 million. All we do is add more dwarves.

actually, this small site strategy at a glance. As of October 2007, when the site was resurrected, the site’s Hitwise (well known Internet tracking agent) ranked 400 thousand. By December, it had risen to fifty-fifth of all sites. Hitwise’s research manager, Heather Dougherty, said: "the first month the site grew by 99%, the growth rate of the site was 89% in the month of second, and in the third month was about 29%. Every week a breakthrough growth. After November and in December, their Internet user market share grew by 508%."

According to another research specialist, the site’s effective reach in December (that is, how many of the 165 million Internet users visited the site in the month of

) is about $16%. That figure is 26 million 400 thousand — nearly one in every ten americans. From last year, this activity has a very good echo effect. When people talk through the blog, such as spread out, its influence becomes very huge.

Burger King whopper site ( is a dwarf site competitors, but the influence cannot be mention in the same breath.


dwarf site and the growth curve of the fort site than

but the real problem is that the OfficeMax brand has been much help from these silly dwarves? Ms. Dougherty said: "this kind of advertising activities, there are always some risk. They are very

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