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in front of Admin5 read an article, more agree with the author’s point of view, the article said that health and wealth is the most willing to spend money on the internet.

stocks and other financial sites do not seem to be suitable for personal sites, the first personal webmaster professional enough, followed by the financial and financial sites to leave the space of individual owners do not seem to. To do a financial gathering station from Adsense to get a high price for personal Adsense more appropriate.

comparison, personal operation of health content sites may have a better point of development. At least there are three advantages:

1, portal Health Channel outsourcing is not too horrible to look at look at the Sohu, you can

health channel;

2, can be regarded as personal interest to do segmentation, weight loss, disease prevention, etc..

3, there are gold content, in the search for health Baidu keyword home page is basically a promotion, you do not have the strength to let advertisers spend 4 Mao a click, so he is willing to spend $2 is a good market.

individuals pay more attention to the health of this piece, to observe the profitability of the two sites, and now share with you. These two sites also belong to two different directions.

sexjk– sexual health network, do a relatively long time, more than 2 years, and the webmaster chat that day IP about more than 20 thousand; sexual health center, standing time in a year or so, Alexa is only about 500 thousand.


sexjk content in erotic, contrary to the relevant health articles, the overall income based on advertising, mop, and Baidu, the first video propaganda easy and recent hot mom are related to this direction and portal website, visited the more than 20 thousand can get very good returns. However, this kind of healthy flow of entertainment is also a waste of practice (personal opinion).

health center advertising is relatively simple, google+ Adult supplies + monthly advertising. The content of the site is more focused on health, which is the reason that it can put Google Adsense, and the price should be very good, it is said that a $0.2 click on the treatment of chronic prostatitis, simple sexual content site would be a hard object google.

The second is the

Adult supplies, personal site to worry more ways to make money, the alliance has 25% Commission, and related Adult supplies union gross profit is estimated at 70-80%, if there is a good resource line you can use it to operate a personal union Adult supplies more than do stand than the.

erotic content to buy Adult supplies the probability is high, also have the disease the disease man is certainly not a vegetarian, the probability of buying Adult supplies seems to be higher.

The last is the monthly advertising

. Recently, if the mother can be a good price Ali three packages is also very good. The health site, mobile phone security monthly more, but the station.

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