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"compliance department has recently decided to transfer all funds P2P cooperation to make some adjustments, has expired and expiring cooperation agreements are not renewed, no new sign." In December 17th, Alipay product director of the newspaper said.

suspended due to the compliance department of Alipay P2P, credit transfer intermediary lending business model "to redefine and explore, to prevent systemic risk. "The intermediary pattern of debt recently controversial, once the false trading project or suspected of illegal fund-raising, Alipay was reluctant to take such reputational risk." The source said, the current cooperation agreement with a broker based model of P2P company has expired without renewal.

for peer-to-peer lending business Consultants Limited (hereinafter referred to as "peer-to-peer lending") only this kind of trading platform, Alipay is also cautious. "There is no intermediary peer-to-peer lending risk, but to a certain extent in the circulating funds." At present, Alipay said, will not consider to continue to provide the funds circulating service for P2P.

all aspects of loans, said it has actively cooperate with the third party payment agencies docking, the development of similar funds firewall isolation system. Can not through the P2P website platform, after the calibration, the third party payment institutions will be directly allocated to the borrower’s borrower to investors, the site does not participate in the entire flow of funds.

insiders speculated that if Alipay and three party payment institutions to carry out their own P2P business, it will bring no small impact on the existing institutions.

of course, Alipay will not work with P2P "a great shot". The Alipay sources, the new rural division is newly established, and agriculture related institutions, including full-time agricultural loans and rural public welfare in Shenzhen loan to help Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "loan to help"), to negotiate new cooperation.

P2P financial security risks

through technical means, so that lenders and borrowers to achieve a direct docking of funds, the industry has been pushing things. Cash flow makes us back in no small suspicion, we also hope to clear as soon as possible." Zhang Lin, one of the founders of the group lending network, said the group has been in the net loan payment through the docking, the spread of funds to achieve isolation.

current technical limitations, before the peer-to-peer lending loan corporation, such as P2P, the general mode of operation is: let the investors will invest money into the company’s third party payment account, after investors in the website on standard, the company will freeze the money in their account, such as Qi standard and match the two sides signed a loan after the contract, the company shall freeze the funds allocated to the borrower.

there is a huge controversy over the above process is that investors in the film before the bid will be awarded to the company, after the successful signing of the loan contract, the amount of money to reach the borrower account. If at this time difference, the company will be diverted or completely Juankuan run away. Investors are faced with a huge moral hazard.


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