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Yuan Yong today in the search for Tang Jun when fabrication of academic credentials ", accidentally found in Google China launched a real-time interactive information search function, the scrolling display the latest search results, these results mostly from Twitter, Sina, and other well-known site tianya.

from the figure you can see the current Google search results, divided into three parts: the first part is the latest information of search results, and then the position information is real-time search results, the right side of a scroll bar to scroll the display, the user can also click pause, stop the search results.


Yuan Yong believes that this improvement is very humane Google, is also very meaningful, as Google Engineer Amit Singhal said: "now, the information is updated at an unprecedented rate. In this environment, every second is essential, "now the amount of information is too much, so for the Google of this product, how to get the relevant information is the key to success. Relevance, relevance, is always related."

But for the majority of

SEOer, it is not necessarily a good news, because Google’s front are filled with real-time updates the content, want to row up through the optimization of key words is not so easy.

but Yuan Yong also noted that not all of the keywords will appear in real-time information search results, such as the search for "Tang Jun" Tang Jun, fabrication of academic credentials "degree" will occur when rolling the latest results, but the search for "Tang Jun", it did not come out, indicating that the Google real time interactive information search function for is a popular search keywords.

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