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2016 comes slowly in autumn, but it’s cold. In October, I passed the Zhongguancun street, feeling this is the last time this year may also be a long time last time on this road.

this is the sixth year, in the past Chinese Internet barbaric growth of the past few years, how many people like me, to witness the changing times, our cognition again subversion, but just because in the mountains. However, this time I finally did not do the project, talk about investment, just as a bystander, so it seems that this place suddenly lost heat.

so I have to think so, this noisy era, may be ending.

so will record a word or two.

money piled up the Internet era

2010 is the first time I graduated from MBA to work in china. Comparison of placid abroad, China immediately let people feel the age of the Internet tide.

is the most intuitive what the customer?.

I have a lot of tens of dollars in the t-shirt. Then never took the ad Han Han, where the customer is endorsement. "I am not what the standard bearer, not who’s endorsement, I am Han Han, I’m like". The exciting moment. Han Han is our spokesman. That was the first time Chen Ou launched the "I speak for myself," the ad, I immediately felt the United States to fire.

The popularity of

in 2011 the electricity supplier rate is still very low, then the annual total retail sales of 18 trillion, online shopping 7 100.

In 2011

on the Internet advertising more than 1 billion, second only to Taobao at the time. This is a bold choice, because at that time is the merchandise gross profit is there, but the whole business losses. This idea is far from the Internet thinking, because in 90s the CCTV times a lot of media in Europe, with a large advertisement market to burn out, is a pipe dream Qin Chi wine was also a very influential BBK.

however, this play no achievement in. We lost a lot of argument, can not completely blame advertising. Can say is that we also feel that aggressive advertising is too expensive, want to wait for the second half of 2011, but in 2011 the group purchase "thousand group war" began, the company not only did not care about the profits of the whole group purchase, gross profit would sacrifice this; in 2015 almost become a new Internet giant norm. The result is that the Internet advertising prices, as prices northward deeper, never down.

The concept of

subsidies, probably from the era of group buying. If the cultural shirt can be differentiated, then dozens of companies to grab a user’s movie tickets, daily food and beverage consumption entrance, it is really homogeneous to no more complex. Subsidies can only grab users.

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