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1 to build a web site of type 85 billion? The Internet lottery industry in was stopped by  

domestic Internet lottery industry experienced a purge in recent years, the most severe. As of March 1st, the major domestic Internet sales of color sites have been suspended color business. The large-scale "sale" why? At present, but regulators did not There were many discussions. Public opinion, to speak publicly on the matter.

2014, the domestic Internet lottery market size reached 85 billion yuan, involving a number of listed companies. After the whole industry stop sale, the future of this huge industry how to develop doubt.

in the capital market, there are only more than and 20 lottery stocks listed in the United States, including the 500 lottery network, A shares Hongbo shares, Anne shares, Yao Ji poker, Hong Kong stocks, the CLS holdings shares, the first video and so on, the idea of supervision is not clear, also let many investors have entered a "policy gamble".

2 WeChat open even WiFi portal users can scan code fast Internet access  

March 9th news, WeChat recently said that even WeChat WiFi application entrance is now officially open. WeChat has been opened under the public number of entities under the line of business, but also through the application of WeChat public platform.

according to reports, after the merchant access to WeChat WiFi, the user no longer need to enter the WiFi account, password, WeChat scan code and other ways to quickly access the internet. At the same time, businesses can also take the user to push the activities of information, membership offers and other value-added services.

at the end of January this year, WeChat WiFi has begun testing the total amount of foreign, opening, more businesses will provide convenient WiFi experience and precise scene service for WeChat users through this function.

3 Jingdong: the huge loss of 5 billion yuan after the exposure site cannot resolve

domain name

March 9th hearing, this morning, there are users micro-blog broke the news, the collapse of the Jingdong, in addition to the main station are not open other, domain analysis error. The Jingdong was traced to the huge loss of 5 billion, and then a fault, the Jingdong is swollen?

According to

users reflect, click the Jingdong web version of "my order" and search content, it is not wrong or cannot resolve domain is the domain name website does not exist, while the mobile phone client is a direct indication of data loading failure. The Jingdong was black? Netizens said Jingdong suspected attack, DNS server failure, part of the two level domain name resolution cannot.

4.3 Sept. 15 shop brush praise will be punished experts said that the face of hard evidence  

In March 9th,

news, Nanjing city industry and Commerce Department recently investigated together brush praise false propaganda event, the investigation of the store since the opening of more than 6 thousand single sales, the evaluation of a product which is nearly 40 thousand. >

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