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text / Zhang Juanlin Feng Lei

if you are lost in the storm, grand starting point, then you really went out. I’ve learned information display, Baidu is the starting point from Amnesty editing, and the author paid poaching starting point, attempts to construct their own network literature website. This is not just a copy of the grand literature posterior, is copied a lot of literature — in the posterior station Baidu directly upstream of the flow was digested.

battle for the starting point

from the beginning of the end of February, Baidu’s multi actor began in the major literary forum to recruit authors, editors, and announced the PC version of the cool literature website will be on the line at the end of April. The PC version of the cool literature website is only online content publishing system, and will be officially launched after the mobile phone version of the data to get through. It is reported that within a week, the author has increased from zero to 2000.

cool released the author signed the contract, the substantial profit author, and directed at the starting point. This is mainly reflected in the following two points: 1, Baidu will 8 of the revenue to the author, and fast payment. The starting point and other literary stations are often divided into 55, the author also need to wait even for six months to get the money. 2, Baidu is the only access to the work of the Internet and wireless rights, games, books, movies, comics adaptation rights still belong to the author, the author can sell. In the beginning, most of the author’s books, games and other copyright attribution to the starting point.

In addition to

, the most attractive is that Baidu will use the hands of resources to promote the author and works. On the PC side, Post Bar, signing works in Baidu reader, Baidu cool original, library, encyclopedia, know that you can directly search the top. Mobile phone terminal in Baidu cool directly top bookstore, library, Post Bar. Currently, Baidu is developing interface strategy and technology development.

from the policy point of view, Baidu is really cool to do targeted planning. The well-known literary website "God level writers resources is hard to move, Baidu through more friendly sharing and copyright model to draw two or three lines to the first writer, works on accumulation and expansion of deeper business.


at the grand literature


Baidu seems to be caught when management happens to starting point and the turmoil happened to many small and medium-sized authors of copyright into low and are deprived of and resentment. But just happened? I do not want to go to the analysis of whether Baidu conspiracy subtly malicious but only trying to clarify the impact of Baidu, ideas and move to the grand literature etc..

1, we have to figure out what the protagonist of the event is cool and Baidu. Cool operating company named Baidu mobile, established in August 2011, Baidu and NTT DoCoMo is its founding shareholder, the two sides were holding 80% and 20%. How cool is a brand, under the "Baidu cool game center", "Baidu cool bookstore" >

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