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domestic bitcoin trading platform was a Russian hacker, and open sales data on a forum website. A security web site editor managed to get the data, by comparing the leak in 2011, the password library and search the mailbox, you can determine the identity of these members. Through the sampling analysis, black workers accounted for the majority of. The legendary Chinese aunt, Wenzhou businessmen accounted for only a small part.

in a hacking forum, a man claiming to be from a Russian hacker organization member, claimed successful invasion China a very large bitcoin trading platform, and download the database, the database will want to sell.

The editor of the

managed to obtain the data and, after examining it, confirmed the authenticity of the data. A total of 27880 user data. User information stored in the MongoDB, while the transaction records exist MySQL, a total of 3 days to retain transaction records, source code for Java.

through the analysis of the source code, the site has a variable filter caused by the SQL vulnerability, while the existence of the file contains loopholes, leading to hackers get the server root permissions.

through the analysis of the database editor, the status of domestic bitcoin players surfaced.

to some key word search, found a lot of interesting accounts, such as:

[email protected], put the Google to search a lot of whois information, such as ***, this is a yellow web site.

[email protected], the eldest brother should be doing the operation and maintenance, from the above Google has been seen because the CSDN database event was leaked a back, and this time lying gun.

has some interesting names, such as heikeji, heikeisn, heike9999, fenliuhack, hackamark, hackerpayne, hackeri, hackzj, hackeqin, nhhack, hackliang, dragonhackking, hackor-yan, lgphacker, hackjay…

(full of big black wide speculation in


on the Internet in order to register the mailbox for keyword search, you can confirm the identity of some members of the identity.

for the editor of the following data sampling test:

sampling 1:

hard black: 4

black, yellow, gambling industry chain: 8

school students: 5

ordinary Internet users: 1

unknown: 7


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