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a, why do you want to master the framework strategy?

if you do not understand the framework strategy, your life is full of gray, and will live very passive, more and more tired, mainly in the following areas:

1, no self

in this society, the vast majority of people are not efficient work, life is very passive, like a machine in the same operation, the fate of the invisible forces pushed forward.

now, you look at yourself, you are not the purpose of case, open the computer or mobile phone, blind browsing process, follow hyperlinks will continue to point down, look down, imperceptibly a few hours later, see dizziness was found, a day time is wasted in the past, so day after day….

2, emotional distress

many people more than and 20 and still single, although they are in accordance with the ideas and methods of traditional efforts, but most are very tired, because when you catch the idea, action started, then you’re in the passive state of emotion, after driving desire and emotion, you face each other to your various the challenge, miserable.

even if many people from the single life, but into the siege, every day was the other half given pressure, giving no trust, every day about, often accused, frequent quarrels, ignored… Unable to escape…

3, money trouble

people want to survive, we must make money; to make money, you have to choose to work or start a business, no matter what you do, all cannot do without dealing with people, cannot do without the marketing and sales skills, if you do not know how the framework of strategy, relying on the traditional thinking to do, every day to beg, the ratio of chicken early, sleep later than the dog, take all kinds of thoughts, by all means, still not harvest.

wrong thoughts too harmful, but the majority of people in society in the past few decades, most of them are to accept the wrong ideas and methods, for example:

hard to get rich: who is the most diligent in this society? Farmers and migrant workers, they rich? NO!

customer is God: if you treat the customer as God, you will not have a customer, because you have seen God? NO! So you have no customers?

if you understand the framework strategy, your life will be completely different

1, they will become stronger

2, super efficient

3, the customer will chase you

4, the opposite sex will chase you

5, more and more relaxed

two, the framework of the principle of the strategy

China ancient coins design very content, velvet glove. Meaning >

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