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3 months ago, the Alibaba original CEO Wei Zhe because of "fraud" incident resign; 2 days ago broke from the Alibaba Alipay group "solo" news; plus has been the poor performance of the stock price…… May 14th, held in Hongkong, Alibaba B2B (1688.HK) annual general meeting, the atmosphere is not as easy as before.

but, in the face of adversity, to survive, to turn a bad thing into a good thing, has been the best Alibaba. Whether it is in the "SARS" period, or in the face of the financial crisis of the waves, the Alibaba are well done great Shift of the universe. If you say, "SARS" and the financial crisis is from the external force majeure, this time the crisis is from the inside out, this time, you can do? Alibaba!

Ma Yun apologized on behalf of shareholders share price

feel helpless, but will not give up

"customer first, employees second, third shareholders", this is the chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma every public speech to emphasize that this is no exception, but this time he to the third largest shareholder apologized. "From 2007 to the present, our stock price did not go up, we apologize, feel powerless, but it will not give up, this has just begun." Ma Yun said, from 2007 to now, the Alibaba B2B’s revenue rose 2 to 3 times, profit growth of 2 to 3 times, the stock still did not move, not a lot of income of the company’s share price was soaring, perhaps even Buffett can not understand. Ma Yun said that in terms of short-term operations, Alibaba B2B is not a good company, Alibaba B2B in the long term to do the right thing.

although Ma said nothing about the stock price, the shareholders of the scene was unexpectedly calm. Compared to last year in Shenzhen held a general meeting of shareholders, the shareholders of the shares in question overbearing, this year to shareholders’ questions more want to know what you want to do in the future, the Alibaba will do what, do what! After all is real money into the stock market, investors are more understanding, let oneself know the "hold" or the "timely flesh", calm perhaps more effective than overbearing, which is given a kind of invisible market confidence.

Ma Yun once again apologized to the fraud gate

current complaint rate decreased by over 60%

in addition to apologize to shareholders, Ma also on behalf of three months ago, the fraud door expressed regret. "Three months ago, B2B’s CEO Wei Zhe and COO Li Xuhui left, I think we did the right thing." Ma Yun said that Alibaba has always believed that the foundation of the business community is good faith, only CEO assume this responsibility, the future of the company to assume responsibility for everyone.

and for the first time to Alibaba B2B listed company CEO identity with everyone in Hongkong to meet Lu Zhaoxi also said in his speech, the current supplier on suspicion of fraud

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