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and other high-profile business race different, Adult supplies electricity supplier has been hidden in the life.

but this does not necessarily mean "without showing feelings, muffled fortune". In the rapid growth after the initial stage, Adult supplies electricity into a difficult period of climbing, many businesses have begun showing a melancholy mood.

"chunshuitang ox? 9 years to do now. We rely on these small fish and shrimp, fish in troubled waters is more and more difficult." A man who has withdrawn from the stadium, said the person in charge of electricity supplier.


marketing hindered the expansion of slow

These people said the

hall is a veteran of the Adult supplies B2C mall. Although there is no public data, but according to industry sources, chunshuitang annual sales of about 20 million to about 30 million. This size has been one of the best in Adult supplies as vertical B2C.

another Adult supplies electricity supplier "Predators" is focused on the Taobao market drunk breeze. The industry crazy pass its annual turnover has broken million, Taobao Adult supplies occupy a market share of 10%, the body has to be famous brand Durex and bargaining point.

however, businesses are unable to advertise and grow into a bottleneck. For example, Taobao, which is recognized as a marketing tool train has a clear requirement, not to promote the appeal of underwear other than adult goods. Similarly, the station outside the marketing channels for adult supplies advertising also has a lot of restrictions, especially the product name, variety, display, etc. are not likely to promote the same as other categories.

most sellers can only play the edge ball through a variety of marketing of traditional search engine marketing or webmaster alliance. As for the gradual rise of social marketing means, the lack of sustained and stable flow. Most of them belong to the band detonated, can bring word of mouth, but the conversion effect is not good."

on the other hand, the cost of social marketing should also be taken into account. A person engaged in the Adult supplies mobile app bluntly, about our team a total of 10 people, to find special responsible for social marketing personnel salary, at least four thousand or five thousand pieces, plus large forwards, spending a lot of. The same price, it is better to directly in the app store brush list."

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