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November 22nd, Jingdong business in Shanghai, held in GOU, YUE special theme of the commercial sharing. HP China District commercial computer channel sales General Manager Chen Jinghong Taikehubu, Jingdong deputy general manager of Jingdong, commercial marketing general manager Li Jing, director of Jingdong Taikehubu eastern region Si Xiang Feng and other leaders attended the event. At the meeting, the Jingdong commercial release of the hive big data systems, commercial mining through, enterprise Wyatt management, commercial scenario solutions and a series of commercial support services. Meanwhile, Jingdong commercial joint HP, released the latest commercial notebook information. Jingdong’s strategic business service system, marking the official opening of the commercial market electricity supplier change, and the future direction of the development of the commercial market.


(Jingdong commercial joint HP tailored for commercial users)

precision data commercial custom

Since the implementation of the

business strategy, Jingdong’s commercial products quickly recognized by the market. At present, the most well-known brands to buy commercial products have been covered include HP, Lenovo, DELL, ThinkPad, Canon, EPSON, Haier, SHARP, Konka, LG, Haier and other enterprises, Jingdong." Li Jing, deputy general manager of Jingdong, the general manager of Jingdong, general manager of commercial marketing at the meeting.

the sharing of the meeting, Jingdong and HP jointly issued a new business models. The successful cooperation between the two sides, thanks to the Jingdong honeycomb system technical support. Hive system can collect the actual needs of different users, through the analysis of large data precision, provide effective reference for manufacturers to effectively meet the customized needs of commercial users.

not only that, the Jingdong enterprise purchase orders, launched to cover enterprise reconciliation settlement, warehousing and distribution, supply chain finance support the whole process of "taking jetga" products, through the intelligent transaction mode, solve the enterprise users single channel and low efficiency of settlement reconciliation complex, warehousing and distribution period of slow, low efficiency of management performance problems.

In addition, Jingdong

business services also include the enterprise Wyatt management, a set of intelligent service system. At present, the "happy enterprise management" services include 3C, home appliances and other commercial category, and a covering 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, more than four City, through the combination of ISV, integrators, manufacturers, service providers, through the service industry chain, to achieve sharing of spare parts for the products and vendors, establish virtual spare parts warehouse; sharing a team of technical experts, the sudden failure of the efficient solution; sharing scheme expert, provides customers with professional solutions. This will not only enhance the competitiveness of Jingdong in the procurement of commercial products in the enterprise, but also marks the Jingdong business for business customers to achieve a closed loop procurement services.


(Jingdong commercial launch ceremony)

scene procurement professional services

at 426 enterprise class this year

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