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December 25th, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice announcing the CN domain 1 yuan experience activities will end in December 31, 2008, next year will be implemented by the market regulation of price policy. From 07 years in March, the implementation of the CN domain name registration experience of $1 has finally ended.

domain name service provider commented on this, CN domain name price has finally returned to a rational state. Because now CN domain name has become the largest national domain name, the effect of the activity has been reached, so now began to be priced by the registrar. However, the registered price of 1 yuan, the domain name registrar is losing money. 100 yuan price, we are profitable." Had to engage in this activity is solely for the purpose of fishing a first name? And now CNNIC have pity on the price to mention about 100 yuan, is to let the domain registration business have a profit of


1, although before the CN domain name registration has been one yuan, and registered the domain name CNNIC for 07 years in 08 years the renewals price is 1 yuan, but in fact, basically all of the domain name registration are used to renew the registered 1 yuan, 50 yuan more than the price, I have to write this comment. Said before the CN domain name domain name registrar without profit does not make money, in fact, is nonsense.

The normal price of

2, CN domain name registration in the end should be? Is now news about 100 yuan, or the value of a dollar? Obviously, the price is 1 yuan registered debased the value of CN domain name, but one hundred yuan is really reasonable price? Not necessarily right now com and net? The price is only around fifty or sixty, if the CN domain name more than the price of COM, it has been registered by the advantage of


3, registration is about 100 yuan, renewal price how? "Originally, a result of CN domain 1 yuan experience", registered amount too much, resulting in a waste of 1 yuan, even if the renewal price, will have a large number of CN domain name will be up and down. Now if we raise the price of renew (with the registration of renewals should be the same price, most of this domain name), it will inevitably cause more to give up. Is this CNNIC CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities of the mind? Cheated 1 yuan of money, cheat first name


4, for CNNIC, whether it is CN domain name, whether it is a good experience of 1 yuan, or 100 million registered or, the price is not the first to solve the problem. It has to do is to let the CN domain name is widely recognized, and efficient use, low price is an attractive advantages, but the irrational rise again from 1 yuan to 100 yuan, I am afraid to promote the use of CN domain name to also inconsistent. (Hongyi

appendix: CNNIC bulletin

CN domain 1 yuan experience activities will end on December 31, 2008


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