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brush has become an unspoken rules of the industry, the first condition is to do electricity supplier will brush single: the whole industry is caught in a prisoner’s dilemma, do not brush will be eliminated, the higher the cost of the brush.

single brush is the electricity supplier industry of "secret", and recently, with a flower companies listed on the new board of the application is approved, the public transfer instructions issued in March 1st will be "brush" the industry unspoken rule clearly exposed in front of the public, the public transfer instructions admit scalping. "And the publication of the relevant data and false income.


According to the Shanghai

love flower Limited by Share Ltd the public transfer statement disclosure, from 2013 to July 2015, love flowers through the staff and outsourcing personnel a total of 263 thousand and 400 single brush pen, brush single cost 1 million 754 thousand and 700 yuan, a single brush produced false income totaled 30 million 953 thousand yuan.

data show that in 2013, on 2014, 1-7 months in the month of the brush volume were 8701 pen, 90 thousand and 900 pen, pen, brush, respectively, accounted for the current sales of 4.95%, 24.05%, and 42.02%, respectively, the amount of 163 thousand and 700.

According to the financial data of

, love flowers from 2013 to 7 months of 2015 continued losses, the net profit loss of about 4 million 600 thousand yuan, 10 million 540 thousand yuan, 11 million 820 thousand yuan. Operating income of about 22 million 50 thousand yuan, respectively, $36 million 680 thousand, $28 million 770 thousand.


(Aishang flowers released a single brush before and after the performance; source: public transfer instructions)

love flowers said, scalping generated orders are not real sales, the company disclosed the prospectus profit table data has been "brush" orders excluding: sponsored by brokerage and reporting accountant learned, scalping behavior within the reporting period. But the order is not a single brush so true sale, organized by the brokerage and reporting accountant in the understanding of the situation after the brush single part of the sales income and the corresponding cost reduction company removed, real income and profitability.

accountant believes that love flowers admit brushes, may be the business platform sales data disclosure and the revolution in the book "fight" concerns based on data.

love flowers explained in the book said: the revolution of scalping is a means of marketing, by company employees or outsourced to external personnel, the company in accordance with the requirements in the various marketing platform orders, in order to improve the company’s product sales ranking in the marketing platform, help to improve the company’s product sales.

love flowers also revealed how to determine the brush approach: in the "buyer name", and "Alipay buyers account", as buyers of Alipay account is unique, many buyers of a Alipay payment orders can be.

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