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introduction: advertising, word of mouth will put into our brand memory, display and pricing businesses carefully set about our consumer decision-making, scene type trial tasting plus celebrity endorsement experts and even affect our taste preferences.

bought a six pack of avocado a day later than the appointed time of arrival, this is I don’t know many times at the same site to buy a fresh avocado, from the early 10 average a few dollars now to meet the eye everywhere a 6 dollars, even those around living abroad for many years the avocado diehard also think the price is really affordable. Of course, in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of imported food, including the import of fresh food.

but, in addition to more and more dazzling imported food in front of us through the traditional electricity providers, cross-border electricity providers, traditional supermarkets and convenience stores and other channels, and their prices also like avocado that eventually and abroad almost constantly diving, we consume food imports but did not change, or further say, give up technical factors, we consume the way food and about ten years ago at the mall counters, supermarket shelves to buy food is also no essential difference: advertising, word of mouth will put the memory of our brand placement, placement and pricing mode businesses carefully set about our consumer decision-making, scene of taste the trial plus celebrity endorsement experts and even affect our taste preferences.

bluntly, is our demand has not been clear and eventually became a subdivision, electricity supplier must do food from farms to the tongue, realized from the factory to the stomach in order to realize the value, the difficulty and the cost will naturally be pushed up. On the one hand, the electricity supplier looks similar to the face, on the one hand, the supply of scattered sources, such as the lack of cold chain challenges become their common bottleneck.

if the dismantling of our food consumption needs, can generally become "I want to eat it quickly", "I want to eat what I want" and "I want to eat it," the three segmentation needs. So, let’s look at how the foreign countries to solve these problems.

1, I want to eat it quickly

was founded in 2012 Instacart ( is a focus on food and daily necessities and distribution services, the Crowdsourcing mode of procurement and distribution, that is to say it is not self built logistics team, but signed with the procurement and distribution of independent members, now all kinds of car flow for similar food delivery service version. Instacart main charge distribution fee that is not surprising, because the grocery store and the high human cost, let the United States "lazy" needs to be met is the result of the real value. We have different national conditions, but this demand also exists, in recent years the rapid development of the community O2O is a heavy asset, fast burn in the form of trying to meet the segmentation needs, just look without its foreign peers so sexy.

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