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November 23rd news, today’s media reports, QQ online shopping will be incorporated into easy fast". In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Tencent electricity supplier, said the statement is not accurate.

the official said, since this year the Tencent split the electricity supplier and the establishment of subsidiaries operate independently of business electricity supplier, will clear the strategic vision to create the best consumer word-of-mouth business platform ", hope that through the" easy Xun Wei core self + quality shops open platform "mode in the construction of a new generation of electricity providers an open platform.

based on the above strategic vision, nearly six months, Tencent electricity supplier has been vigorously promoting the QQ online shopping as the core of the open platform and the development of the core of the two Xun Wei easy business. Specifically, the main electricity supplier is currently the focus of the work of the Tencent has two aspects, one is to strengthen the layout of the country and service capabilities, which is mainly undertaken by easy fast network, we hope to create Tencent ‘proprietary business electricity supplier genuine, low-cost, quick delivery "reputation of the user, and launched a series of online and offline the marketing activities in the fast and easy network; on the other hand, we are actively to open QQ online shopping platform upgrade, upgrade the QQ mall high-quality businesses to open QQ online shopping platform, to create a high-quality shopping district."

according to public media reports, since 2011, the Tencent through the network fast and easy construction and increase the investment in electricity infrastructure as of now, Yi Xun network has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing established four logistics center, the construction will be completed in Wuhan, Xi’an logistics center this year, construction Changchun, Chengdu logistics center and Nanjing, Ningbo, Ji’nan, Fuzhou, Nanning five major distribution center will be completed next year. At present, Yi Xun network not only in the eastern region to establish a competitive advantage in Southern China and the southwest region is also growing rapidly, especially in the Southern China area, with only a year to reach the average level of nearly 20 thousand single. In July this year, the electricity supplier Tencent Shenzhen is still held QQ online shopping platform to start the opening ceremony, announced the launch of high-quality businesses to migrate from QQ to QQ online shopping mall, currently on the QQ online shopping businesses in about 1000, basically are their own product quality and service quality ability of big sellers is proved in the major electricity supplier platform.

on the development of QQ online shopping fast and easy network two platform in the future, the Tencent said the electricity supplier, upgrade and Optimization in proprietary and open platform two business ability, won a good reputation, after the formation of good ecological system, to complete the merger of the two will be at the right time, in a uniform appear in front of consumers. In the future, Tencent electricity supplier will be a unified platform, unified brand presented in front of consumers, this is a trend."

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