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from 2006 to now, with the popularity of SNS, SNS marketing is no longer trendy fashion concept, a large number of stars, institutions, brands, businesses have opened their own SNS marketing trip.

this process is the birth of the classic case has been numerous. For example, the American television advertising Pepsi super customers in the 2010 ad plan, for the first time to give up U.S. "super bowl" (Super Bowl) football television advertising, to carry out publicity through social media.

according to DCCI data show that in 2011 the market size of the SNS site more than 1 billion yuan, the growth rate of more than 200%, the market size is expected to double in 2012, more than $2 billion. And in the next few years, SNS advertising will continue to maintain a high growth rate, by 2015 the scale of its advertising will reach 14 billion 400 million yuan.

can be seen from the above, SNS in the marketing potential is very large, it will become the current and even the most large-scale interactive marketing platform.

analysis of industry experts, from the marketing value, SNS website marketing value has three ways, one is the purchasing power, through advertising, advertising, promotional products and other advertising activities to promote the user direct consumption; two is the brand influence, through the implantation of virtual goods in social games and other products to strengthen the props users of the brand awareness, and promote users to participate in communication; third is the brand image, namely through the establishment of the official account on the social networking site in the way of strengthening enterprise and communication with users, to realize the optimization of brand image. From the point of view of promotion, it can be divided into two types of business owners and user communication, that is, through the dissemination of business owners to drive the user to achieve the promotion of marketing value.

in China, the major social networking sites for SNS marketing attempt has not stopped.

Tencent which based on QQ space to carry out the main form of network interaction exploration. Through the instant messaging community strategy, with high viscosity and interaction of the massive user basis for advertisers to provide marketing communication mode form rich, help advertisers more accurately find the audience, enhance the brand awareness in the audience through the interaction and experience, then through the two and SNS interactive mode to spread the word to achieve the brand information, expand coverage.

In recent years

SNS marketing for users interested in continuing to develop their QQ space to extend to the upstream category, from daily FMCG to 3C products, and even affect similar cars such commodities high-end user groups. It should be said that its SNS marketing has a good customer feedback and market base.

in addition, according to the Tencent reported, Tencent QQ number of active users of nearly 600 million, of which nearly 80% QQ users are active in the QQ space, so, no matter from the user scale, or active users of QQ space in the field of marketing > SNS

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