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April 7th afternoon news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today, "China’s Internet users in the application of video Research Report". The report shows that as of the end of 2009, the size of China’s online video users reached 240 million, of which nearly 40 million of users only to watch the video on the Internet, the network has become an exclusive video user.

below is the main content of the report:

nearly 70% users to watch TV to reduce the time of nearly 40 million users only watch videos online

in the user video consumption time is limited, one of the network video entertainment applications as Internet users often use the inevitable time with the traditional video consumption form for users, the formation of a certain influence on the TV ratings. CNNIC report shows that 66.8% of Internet video users said, compared with the previous time to watch TV significantly reduced, of which there are 23.7% of users said that now do not use the TV program. 56.7% of Internet video users rely on the Internet to rely on more than television, which is very similar to the description of the 26.9%.

data show that, in addition, there is considerable scale of network video users only channel network video as video consumption, only watch online video users reached 39 million 360 thousand, accounting for 16.4% of the users of online video, network video belongs to the exclusive group.

movies and TV series into the user’s favorite autonomy is the main reason for the choice of online video

CNNIC report shows that in the choice of the content of video users on the Internet, movies, TV series is the most popular online video content types, respectively, the proportion of 77% and the highest in the forefront of the. The investigation and analysis, film and television will be involved in the VOD platform, Internet TV streaming media software and other network video service, so the hit movie TV is becoming a popular resource for the video suppliers.

in addition, when the user selects a reason to watch online video, the breakthrough of the traditional video consumption form from content to watch the limitations of time, more autonomy, become the main reason, accounted for 68.2%.

search and social circle recommendation is the most important way for users to learn video content

CNNIC report shows that through the independent discovery and social circle is recommended that users learn the most important way video content. Using general search engines to search for video is informed of the main, accounted for 71.6% of the total users; word-of-mouth communication and social networking sites in the post recommended spread in the video content to play an important role, because others recommended that video content accounted for 53.9%; at the same time, after years of application penetration, video website has formed a certain brand, in particular video website, to search for video content accounted for 43.8%.


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