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just a few days ago to do a local portal station, ready to get along with friends, but friends do not understand this aspect of the promotion, to write this article, do a tutorial, followed by the promotion on the line. We heard on the Internet all day long to promote the site, said it was passed on to his God, some friends also worship the fact that, in fact, the promotion of the site is something of civilians, but the situation and moved to the network. Promotion, what is the promotion of the product is to promote their own publicity, so that more people know and accept your product, which is the promotion. Website promotion is your site to do propaganda, let more people know your site, or directly into your site users, is commonly known as the "advertising", but the advertising hit sounds high to rise, but the promotion method is simple, also know, but the real operation is not the matter the operation is good, is the so-called promotion master, although not as from God, but some technical content, it also needs a lot of experience and common experience. Not much nonsense, entered, website promotion is generally divided into 2 categories, online and offline promotion, which means in the online promotion and promotion in life. First online promotion.

1: online promotion


1It can be said that

is the most common method, usually in the chat with friends by the way their own website, or chat in the group about your website, or else it group announcement to change, or sometimes chat groups suddenly jump out of a "XXX university which students streaking" in the back with a web site, this is the promotion, but in the group do not advertise, make good will make group T, in group had more out of diving, chat, and we are familiar with, and the relationship between the best group to do a good job, but don’t let everyone know you is the webmaster, advertising situation, for example "fuck, this woman is really SB, China to shame, you see, I really want to push her to" is an example, is to tell you the contents of advertisements to civilians, not Is a look at the ads, but you really recommend that one day not too much, 3-5 on the line, do not just add the group into the group immediately send advertising, so your hundred percent will be T, the key is to master degrees. We enter the mass advertising is sent to our target groups to see, and now do this 3G Binzhou network, for the group of people in Binzhou, a little bit on the search for the exchange of groups to go to Binzhou. This is not elaborate, if you do this or that don’t do the promotion.

2 mail promotion

‘s write an e-mail to your site, the news publishing and at least looks beautiful, the content must be hot, the best porn and walking, and do the website home page, makes one look quite formal and willing to click on the content, and then sent to the group, nothing more than a few the mailbox, QQ mail, Sina mail, Sohu… Are registered, and then crazy friends, of course, is to add the target population, you can give them regularly, such as a

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