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call center (Call Center), also called customer service center in china. China’s call center is the first to start from China Telecom, China Mobile. With the rapid development of science and technology, the call center is being integrated with some new technologies, such as IP, WAP, ASR, DW, etc.. The introduction of Internet network makes the call center has a revolutionary change, it is not simply to provide Internet information to the call center, but the call center and the Internet into one. Users can go directly to the call center from the Web site, click on the button to achieve the conversation with each other. Of course, the remote call can be used IP phone, also can do text interaction (such as whiteboard function). In this way, all the functions on the Internet can be combined into one common use, such as E-mail, IP fax, IP phone, etc..

high-tech "join" will make the future call center quality occurs in several aspects of performance, structure and application of the leap, it is a good way to achieve the requirements of e-commerce, thus becoming the subject of the future, e-commerce platform, core and soul.

referred to the call center, can not point to China’s online travel industry. In recent years, as the rapid rise of the new travel service industry, it is through the Internet, telephone systems, such as the guests to travel hotels, air tickets booking services. On the one hand, these enterprises to bring tourists to the hotel reservation service, has gradually become an important channel of hotel distribution; on the other hand, it provides a great convenience to guests to travel.

from the current number of domestic hotels to provide online booking business travel website, call center should be the highest cost of the department. This set up a travel online booking funds threshold. Call center is the starting point of the products and services ctrip. At present, the country’s other large-scale tourism trading platform with the way network (, but also steadily started their call center program.

for some of the tourism companies are growing up, call center high investment and lack of human resources has been the reason for the slow growth of enterprises. The enterprise can quickly integrate supplier resources, can also be through the propaganda to enhance awareness of the market for large, such as online travel with the way travel booking website, call center is indispensable, but it is precisely in this part of the call center, the pace of development of many online travel companies slow down. Not only the development of new products is limited, but also in the transformation of the old product has not been greatly improved.

on the current market environment, it is difficult to travel directly through the network of product sales. It is not only the problem of trust, but also the improvement of tourist products. They often do not meet the already mature tourism products, but hope that travel agencies can provide more services. Therefore, from the online letter

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