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2010, with the rise of smart phones and 3G networks, mobile Internet began to sprout. After 5 years of development, the mobile Internet changed, the application field of each vertical blossom everywhere, after a lot of competition and development, appeared in WeChat, QQ, Alipay, Sina and micro-blog as the representative of the super APP male as the world, other areas of APP hard to catch a taxi situation.

we say that in the first two years of the mobile Internet, no matter how bad you do products, there will be users, because in addition to your family, there is no other available. In the full development of the mobile Internet today, access to a user may have to spend 10 minutes of effort, but the user may be a little uncomfortable minutes to uninstall your application. When a APP develops to a certain stage, it is especially important to improve retention, because the cost of money or resources will be lower during this period.

next we will talk about this issue from the "product", "user channel", "operational strategy," the three crucial factors.



is the most important factor in the three products. The blacksmith needs its own hardware, for the user, the first impression of the products is very important.

1) UI

Application of

as a facade, UI does not need to cool, but must fit with the APP positioning. If it is a tool category, do some simple and generous; if it is news, do some serious and clear; if it is a product of science and technology fan, then do a lot of tall. Don’t get too exaggerated, let users feel comfortable look once.

2) product performance

product performance only need to do a word – stable. This is in addition to the facade of the second very intuitive experience. If the user has access to your home page, the page suddenly collapsed, then basically he did not want to start second times. Of course, in addition to avoid frequent flash back collapse, but also pay attention to power consumption, flow consumption problem, because it is easy to perceive the user is a very basic problem. Imagine, if the user to play your application for 10 minutes, his cell phone can be a warm hand treasure, optimistic, he would choose to play a little shorter, but the number of users optimistic about it?

3) process simple

process is simple, easy to use, which is a very easy to contact the user after the installation of a link. For example, some of the application of human nature, the user must be registered to use, so it is easy to cause resentment. Users do not experience the product, you want to get user information, it is not too naive. Before the basic trust is not established, do not go around the user’s behavior, with a cool, the user will naturally go to the registration to facilitate the excavation of the product more interesting and valuable.

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