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we have the relevant staff to investigate." In October 22nd, the "First Financial Daily reporters call the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau under the city confirmed that the Zhejiang Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the" legendary legend investment ") funding problems were reported about the Public Security Bureau said is in the process of filing.

yesterday evening Hangzhou City Economic Investigation Brigade informed, received more public report said Zhejiang legend investment suspected of illegal deposits from the public, the police preliminary investigation found the situation basically true. Currently, the city police have been filed, and 2 major criminal suspects to take coercive measures for criminal detention, the case is still under investigation.

recently, rumors of a network investment issued by the legendary notice, the legendary investment funds Lianduanlie problems to be exposed. The notice shows that due to the company’s capital chain problems, has been reported in October 22nd 9 in the morning in the City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Department filing, investors can carry identity cards, and remittance to the contract.

, the first Financial Daily reporters call the legend of the investment website announced all relevant telephone calls, no answer. This reporter has learned that investors have set up a group of relevant rights, QQ information has shown that investors have joined the group, as of press time reporter, the establishment of the relevant rights group 2.

"a friend recommended to me, said the company is relatively large." An investor of the "First Financial Daily reporters, he is Shanghai’s customers, 2 months ago in the legendary investment platform invested 20 thousand yuan, recommended his investment legend investment friends also hit Waterloo". My friends and I do not quite understand, has not been clear whether the person in charge of the platform on foot." The investor said.

"First Financial Daily" reporter from the legendary investment website understands, the main business legend investment including the government of municipal engineering project investment, the company said it was "the first to provide financing services for the pipeline industry investment company". But for the company’s products and services, there is no more relevant introduction. The updated information for all channels on the site is 4 months prior to June 9, 2014.


" financial products "in the legendary investment channel display, as early as in May 22, 2013, there were rich, legendary legend, legend of steady stability Feng three Wynn series 10 fund-raising products. Annualized rate of return of 9%~18% ranging from the minimum investment amount of 50 thousand yuan, up to $1 million. No other product information.

national enterprise credit information publicity system (Zhejiang) shows that legend was founded in April 12, 2013, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. The scope of the company’s business scope for the general management of the project: investment management, business investment, investment consulting, business information consulting, economic information consulting, business management, real estate agency and marketing planning. The company has a total of two Zheng Qinghua and the natural person shareholders, the legal representative of one of the shareholders of the company of the people of the United States, such as Mr. Zheng Tianjie, Mr. Zheng Tianjie.


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