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[Abstract] sea Amoy usually requires the support of the dual currency bank card payment, in addition to consider when the exchange rate between different currencies.

Tencent Technology Sun Han reported on November 25th

The end of

has always been the peak season of commodity promotion, just after China double eleven, ushered in the black Friday.

"black Friday" is the first day of the day after Thanksgiving (November 28th this year), as the start of the Christmas stockpile action, many businesses in the United States, Canada and other places will increase the discount.

with the rapid development of electronic commerce and logistics, many domestic chop hand family also joined the army of Amoy overseas. Tencent technology finishing "black five" strategy for the netizens, let you play the sea amoy.

about paying

and domestic online shopping is different, scouring the sea usually requires the support of the dual currency (mostly Euro dollar dual currency card and dual currency card) or multi currency bank card. In the payment, will involve the exchange rate conversion fee, that is, we often say that the fee. How much depends on the different types of credit cards and cooperation with different sites, to remind you to read carefully before shopping, careful comparison.

in addition, the depreciation of the Australian dollar in recent months, making the original discount rate is not too large in Australia has become a hot sea Amoy, since July, the Australian dollar against the yuan fell from nearly 5.9:1 about 5.2:1. In other words, if you buy a $300 product, even if there is no discount, it is equivalent to the price of about 200 yuan. Buy goods in Australia, in addition to the use of the dual currency credit card, but also pay attention to the federal bank and ANZ bank credit card.

how to choose

if there is no clear intention to buy, information sharing platform is the first step in the sea Amoy:

North American money letters, which is the Chinese discount information website of North America’s largest and fastest-growing, the content is in want of perfection too many people a little confused. There are similar what is worth buying, the website often some novelty and detailed introduction of the buyer. In the United States, similar sites are more well-known DealNews and FatWallet, etc., to provide a local website discount and price information.

if you want to buy something has been about the direction, you can recommend some sites here:

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1 SHOPBOP should be one of the most familiar with the sea Amoy party website, it is Asia’s shopping business, not only on the express, big, and is full Chinese interface. But if you want more than just "light luxury", but more big products, SHOPBOP is not so suitable.

2 Neiman Marcus, the site supports Chinese, long-term discounts and international express full of $100 can be mailed, online and customer service to communicate without delay, and refund policy >

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