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in the past 618 business wars, the major electricity supplier mustering the strength change from the simple price for a comprehensive public relations war, war service, even slobber war, the product is still wine CEO Zhang Huijun believes that this year’s price war is thunder, little rain, the price war has no substantial price so much. From the vertical wine electricity supplier field of view, Zhang Huijun said, wine electricity supplier price war is not playing too much pressure, customer groups are not the same, the price war will allow the industry to the deterioration of the environment, and even no way out.


product is still wine is a professional foreign original bottle of imported red wine B2C mall, let the spirit of each Chinese drink pure wine concept into Chinese liquor market, in 2011 2012, has received two rounds of financing.


product is still wine CEO Zhang Huijun (speed transit network plan)

implementation of precision marketing to attract two rounds of financing

April 2010, the product is still wine network officially launched, a year after receiving Cowin fund in the first round of financing, and at a time when the electricity supplier industry turmoil. Zhang Huijun believes that the company in the supply chain, IT background, three aspects of cooperation model touched investors. He said: "I spent six years in Europe, the integration of the product of all the supply chain, to get the first hand the goods; the company has IT background, can achieve precise marketing; we are not through the massive burn model to the development of enterprises, but to promote themselves through cooperation with others."

in fact is not the exact marketing of wine is the exclusive patent, but the degree of discretion and discretion to determine the extent of the development of enterprises. Zhang Huijun pointed out that the data precision marketing on the background of the analysis has a very high demand, including the flow of the conversion rate, orders, user behavior trajectories, needs powerful system and database analysis.

burn electricity supplier industry is already an indisputable fact, but the product is still wine go steady wind. According to Zhang Huijun introduction, the product is still wine annual advertising is very stable, reasonable matching of resources, media, and team; more and more enterprises is to overnight, desperately trying to put the pace too fast, the ratio of advertising, there are problems in the team, it would be easy to fall.

innovative O2O mode online and offline without

O2O line line way development, this mode has a number of commercial enterprises in the exploration, including the product is still wine this year also launched the establishment of entity store O2O mode, but Zhang Huijun believes that O2O is a concept that everyone in the concept of speculation and now, but the product is still wine store development or in order to solve the problem of customer experience.

according to the Institute of fast transit data show that consumers buy online wine accounted for only 13.9%. Online market space is not large enough, there are a lot of market space in the traditional line of this piece, Zhang Huijun said.

line under the store brand has 80% and line >

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