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] November 4th news billion state power network, the day before, the trade rumors online snack brand three squirrels because scalping and other reasons were removed from the double 11 venue. Three squirrels official announcement today, to clarify.


announcement that, due to a single brush and three squirrels were withdrawn from the rumors of double 11 entirely groundless statement, and lists three reasons why the three squirrels can not brush.

three squirrels said that in the Tmall channel monthly sales of nearly billion stores, such a large sales can not be single, can not enhance the opportunity to display through the brush. And three squirrels believe that their own explosion of a lot of products, are in the absolute advantage of traffic, simply do not need to brush.

In addition, three squirrels stressed that Tmall’s internal regulation of false transactions and its strict, severe punishment and

. Three squirrels comply with the rules of Tmall, for which the company also launched an internal shopping mall to meet the staff’s purchase, to prevent the Tmall system misjudgment as false transactions.

about three squirrels in the double 11 main venue no show, three squirrels, taken during the double 11 hall preheating is a show business rules change, not in the show is also normal.

on the matter, three squirrels founder Zhang Liaoyuan also joked, I hope people mistakenly believe rumors can eat some nuts bunao. The following is a formal statement of the three squirrels.

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