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IDC network ( on 28 August 07 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in the first half of 2014 (January to June) during the browser share battle for the lead in domestic non IE and Chrome, both staged fierce competition competitive. In June, IE fell to 50.86%, according to this trend, in the future there will be less than the risk of 50%. While the share of Chrome is increased to 27.27%, growth and stability. Next, look at the detailed data analysis of the IDC review network.

  (Figure 1) June domestic browser market share distribution map

Figure 1, IDC review network learned that in June, IE to occupy the dominant position of the domestic browser market with a share of 50.86%. Ranked second is Chrome, the share increased to 27.27%, with the champion IE in the distance gradually narrowing. The rest of the browser ranking is Sogou high-speed, cheetah, QQ, 2345.

  (Figure 2) domestic browser market share trend of half a year comparison chart

according to figure 2, compared with Chrome IE browser, that during the first half of 2014, the two almost maintained the development state of the shift in the fierce competition. Among them, Chrome has never stopped, stable development, visible rising momentum. In contrast to the IE browser, although there are more powerful advantages, but its share has been eroded, the future situation is not optimistic.

and look at the data of June, and last week compared to IDC Review Network noted that reduce the market share of IE to 50.86%, a decline of 1%, below the 50% risk in the next month; Chrome share increased to 27.27%, or 0.77%.

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