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recently, make a positive list of many cross-border electricity at night again expansion, popular fresh, such as liquid milk category was included, was previously part of cross-border electronic business platform under the framework of the commodity sale again.


compared to the positive list, consumers are more concerned about how to be happy in the future to buy buy buy". After the implementation of new tax system, most of the goods on the cross-border electricity price, how to buy the lowest price, convenient and fidelity? Therefore, we find here has many years of experience Master sea Amoy flower, sharing her bottom pressure of the sea Amoy technology with you.

Japan and South Korea cosmetics prices obviously counter may be more affordable

the current domestic consumers to buy foreign goods there are 3 main ways: first, the cross-border electricity providers, such as Tmall, international NetEase koala sea purchase, Jingdong’s global purchasing, little red book; second person, scouring the sea, namely the United States, Japan and other overseas Amazon Amazon website; third, individual purchasing.

and the new tax is aimed at cross-border electricity supplier, which has the greatest impact on cheap cosmetics and maternal and child products. Deal higher taxes, part of the sea Amoy goods lost the price advantage, even with not much difference between counter price. Cosmetics to pay the consolidated tax is 17% of the value-added tax and the consumption tax of 30%, a single purchase of less than $2000 exemption from customs duties, the overall tax rate can hit thirty percent off, the effective tax rate of 32.9%. So down, and the price is only 7 yuan cheaper than the counter." The flower said is an American cosmetics, she has compared several cross-border electricity supplier on the commodity price, finally go to a nearby shopping mall under a single.

after the tax reform to buy more affordable goods? One may be the answer of the sea amoy. The new tax adjustment policy involves only the parcel tax items and tax rates, provisions of postal articles shall be exempted from tax 50 yuan did not change, which means that the person is still scouring the sea enjoy 50 yuan shall be exempted from tax.

according to the new post tax tariff classification, a tax under the commodity tax rate is 15%, people often buy milk, diapers, toys and snacks in this class. Tax within 50 yuan, conversion, you can enjoy duty-free goods amount is $333. In a personal items, scouring the sea to take parcel tax, has a huge advantage. At present. Many overseas websites have seen Chinese market opportunities, launched Chinese pages and free shipping, post reduction policy, some can also use alipay.

as for the tax rate of 60% of the cosmetics, personal sea Amoy certainly no cross-border electricity supplier cost-effective, because the latter’s postal tax of $32.9%, almost half of the former. And within one hundred dollars of cosmetics, it is better to go to the counter to buy. The flower said, "Japan and South Korea is the most cheap cosmetics cross-border electricity supplier to build the ‘explosive goods", most of the tax reform before enjoy 50 yuan shall be exempted from tax, after tax plus 32.9% tax, there will be even more expensive than the counter price. For example, Innisfree a foundation, counter price is 80>

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