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when the micro industry crudely made propaganda has let the user start when the propagation operator rejection, WeChat also began to gradually standardize the entire micro business information, micro business platform strong appear in the majority of brand agent when micro business development not only complain incessantly, to assist the norms of the derivative industry, but also to the micro business sales and brand will bring more opportunities. Today, the rise of micro business platform in the big trend, many brands are also ambitious expansion of micro providers, not willing to live on the platform, a tear force war broke out. Brand micro business platform providers, really like it sounds so beautiful


Han beam micro

why flash from the flash marriage?

August 4, 2015, WeChat to third party service known in the industry issued "Han in micro beam micro micro micro business platform shop layout" one article, claimed to have reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the Korean cosmetics brand V shop platform beam, beam micro products will be stationed in South korea.

but then, South Korea CEO Chen Yuxin in micro beam’s circle of friends responded: "Han did not announce, and micro beam to achieve cooperation, we do understand the micro micro business operators, the upcoming really suitable for micro business platform, later announced". Perhaps the MSI indeed with Han beam made relevant cooperation, and drying out and subsequent MSI MSI Han beam authorized network direct company Su Xueda cooperation agreement, CEO sun Taoyong MSI is in WeChat circle of friends shouted to come up with one hundred million and platform to do Chen Yuxin gambling, PK derivative operation, "one hundred million is not enough, if you fail to shut down the platform!".

Han beam chairman Lv Yixiong foreign said, ask the electricity supplier department to cancel all cooperation with msi. But on the micro and this time the flash from the flash marriage Han beam, caused a great disturbance in the industry.

How many people are curious about the Jiangsu Su

and micro – Han beam brands V shop signed agreement is what the


public reports show: e-commerce channel is the Korean boss Lv Yixiong took over in December 2012. The operation mode of the main electricity supplier channels taken in cooperation with the generation operators, the Han beam generation operators are three home appliance company Jiangsu Su Xueda, Beijing north, Shanghai Macao Sihai leaves, net sales of 90% of the payment from the three home". Interestingly, the three electricity supplier companies are Lv Yixiong personal investment company, Lv Yixiong personal shares accounted for 51%.

now Su setter signed into V for micro shop, as Su XueDa shareholders, Lv Juran did not know, this is clearly justified.

has been regarded as the gamble hype, but I believe that the two party is a dispute, or more derivative and derivative brand platform in the future development of the industry in the micro business relationship in time.

Han beam door: why Chen Yuxin fear Han beam on-line platform micro business

as a 2025 sales target of 100 billion yuan enterprises, Han beam series products are also invited to star Lin Chiling as a spokesperson, with high-quality products and mature.

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