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BI Chinese station on August 4th reported

, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that WAL-MART wants to acquire e-commerce site, and is negotiating with the latter.


"Wall Street journal" quoted informed sources said that the details of the transaction has not yet been announced, but the purchase price could reach $3 billion".

Business Insider made contact with the, but the latter declined to comment on the news.

for WAL-MART, the acquisition of Jet and enhance its overall strategy and objectives in the electricity supplier industry position in line. by Mark · (Marc Lore); rolle and NAT · Forster (Nate Faust) was founded in 2015, its location is Amazon’s competitors. The company invested a lot of money to promote, the first year after the establishment of the ad budget reached $100 million. The company’s goal is to get 15 million paid subscribers by 2020. has received $500 million from investors financing, valued at more than $1 billion, is a unicorn start-up company.

at the beginning of the establishment, the online retailer to members of the collection of $50 a year membership fee as a business model. This model is similar to Amazon’s Prime membership services. Jet promises to customers that all goods sold on its website are the lowest, 10% to 15% lower than their competitors.

All products sold by are about 8% cheaper than those of competitors, but customers can enjoy a greater discount if they purchase a variety of goods and choose a one-time delivery. In addition, if a customer uses a debit card to pay, you can use the credit card to pay more money.

but in October last year, abandoned the mode of membership fees, open to the non members of the entire site, I hope this will bring more customers.

this transaction will allow WAL-MART to get Jet pricing software, warehouse and customer data. WAL-MART will also be able to attract a high income shoppers brand.

has been trying to keep up with the pace of the previous year since its market capitalisation was over a year ago by amazon. In order to promote the sale of its electricity supplier website, WAL-MART invested $2 billion to build a new distribution center, to provide customers with two free delivery services, directly to the Amazon Prime services challenge.

in June 21st this year, WAL-MART announced a strategic cooperation with Jingdong depth. WAL-MART will be 1 shop brand, website, APP handed over to the Jingdong, according to his plan

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