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where the NASDAQ (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on November 2nd

following the classified information website 58 city IPO, where to visit the tourist website also landed yesterday, the capital market, and sought after by the capital markets crazy. 58 city, where to go on the market, but also for the upcoming round of new shares in the stock market to provide confidence.

Where is

first IPO ADSs per share price range for 9.5 to $11.5, adjusted to 12 to 14 U.S. dollars, a few hours before the listing has increased to $15, the opening price of $28.35, compared with the issue price rose 89%.

where to go to the public offering to get 40 times oversubscribed, and to the Underwriters placing options (ie, green shoe option) to purchase up to 1666650 shares of ADSs within the next 30 days starting today. If the Underwriters do not make placement options, where to go to the market after the listing, the major shareholder of Baidu will have to go where the network 185202519 class A shares, the total voting rights of 58.81%.

on the opening price of $28.35 is calculated, where the valuation of over $3 billion, where the founder and CEO Zhuang Chenchao (micro-blog) will become a worth billions of dollars of the rich. Where Baidu is listed as the big winner, fame and fortune. Where it will become Baidu’s first independent listing subsidiary, and Baidu brings more than 1 billion U.S. dollars in return.

prospectus, where the second quarter of this year net loss amounted to 41 million 210 thousand yuan, since the first quarter of 2011, where a total loss of 154 million yuan, but this was where the market can not cover up the wonderful performance of light.

Zhuang Chenchao said last night to accept an interview where the Tencent of science and technology, operational thinking is to maintain the stability of cash flow situation of the maximum gain market share, where the focus on long-term profitability, in this process a slight profit or loss is not the goal.

Zhuang Chenchao pointed out that the company focused on the development of wireless business and hotel business, the company will continue to follow the plan after the listing of the existing work program. "I think the future of online travel market size is large enough, where marketing costs accounted for the proportion of income will gradually decline, the income growth rate will be much higher than the development speed, and eventually to produce where profit from here."


"rich soil where will" feed "

where to go without the success of Baidu’s support of this once competitors. Prospectus shows that where there is a large number of funds and the presence of a large number of shareholders Baidu, Baidu over the past year to give loans to the times, the total amount of $65 million.

in November 2012, where to receive from Baidu principal of $5 million interest free loans, with the January where to go to receive the principal of Baidu loans of $100 million, with?

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