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      in recent years, the rapid development of a personal website, the station is also the student webmaster is beyond count, there are many online, so the mixed reviews, we will look at the middle school students can not be AdSense for today.

      causes of middle school students but webmaster to the following: 1 the development of network and society, it’s needless to mention, mention has become the new generation of philosophy teacher; 2 middle school students in the station is not involved in worship, for several IT elite such as Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, introduced in the class deep, very easy to let a person feel very easy to make money online. 3 high school students are born with curiosity, as well as a rebellious heart and a good self-confidence, and even have a good understanding of anything. Worship of the hero of the 4 individual stationmaster station, even write some strong online "new site on IP exceeded 1000. The more deep site confidence of middle school students. 5, family misfortune and other things, but this is very few, most are addicted to the game, chat etc..

      said so many reasons, for what, just in order to analyze the students from various aspects of the site can not be. I think everyone has the establishment of the right of students is no exception, the family and society can not stop students station, perhaps for middle school students, station like billiards, playing football is a game entertainment, but because the site is on the web, this opposition. But the biggest blow to students is the establishment of learning, parents are most worried about is also learning, even Gates’s mother was also on the Gates school feel hate, especially those of us who parents (no parents derogatory meaning) so students don’t feel jealous of their parents. Middle school students seem to have their own theorem: reading is the best way out, but not the only way out. They are their idols such as Li Xiang, Gates etc. ALFY, fascinated, it will think of those things, always think that the university is of course the best, do not read has no defense, through their own efforts will rise like Li Jiacheng. Middle school students are the most complex. Of course, in the psychology of middle school students and encourage those so-called strongman, in the big online rumors website is how good, how good is money to earn more, add a confidence for middle school students. Middle school students are the most capable of learning.

      of course, high school students should not stand, the answer is yes. There is a story about the earth people know us, it’s about Chinese grandmother and American grandmother to buy a house, Chinese is life to save money ah, time to death was finally able to seat near new premises, but can seat? The United States is a side of the side also, to the time of death, the money is over, the seat is also tired. This is our cultural differences, Chinese advocate modaobuwukanchaigong, it is difficult to be cut side while grinding, it can not understand the actual situation? >

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