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Beijing on May 14th news: according to foreign media reports, a report released on Wednesday pointed out, Facebook, Myspace and YouTube and other social networking sites become a terrorist group, hatred, organization and implementation of propaganda and recruiting places.

Simon Wiesenthal Center released the report. The report notes that over the past year, the network of "problematic" social networking sites increased by 1/4.

said the report was based on observations of ten thousand web sites, including web sites, social networking sites, portals, blogs, chat rooms, videos and hate games. These sites involved in terrorism, hate music, ethnic violence, anti Semitism and anti gay etc..

Simon Wiesenthal Center said that all aspects of the Internet is being used by extremists, they re packaging of the ancient hatred of thought, slander the enemy, raise funds, recruit new.

Examples cited in the

report include anti gay groups from Facebook in, and religious sensitive videos on YouTube.

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