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· webmaster version of "sad Pacific" "sad webmaster" first audio visual

According to

Richie Ren, "sad the Pacific Ocean" with the song, lyrics by Murata Senko, by [network] – Dalian District webmaster webmaster Kung Fu exactly led cover version of "Pacific Ocean" – "sad sad stationmaster" heavy episode, this song is dedicated to video works has been committed to the construction and development of the Internet, the development of Chinese Chinese sad webmaster, wish all the webmaster income a lot of happiness!

· what kind of external links is a good link

we all know the importance of external links to SEO, which is beyond doubt, especially when optimizing the popular keywords. Many people doubt more, what kind of external links is a good link?

· Alipay behind Ali Mama advertising, to solve the bottleneck of


today, Alipay announced that it will fully support the Ali Mama, for Chinese million blogs to solve the payment problem, break the individual payment transaction and credit "bottleneck". At the same time, Alipay President Lu Zhaoxi said, through the platform of the mom 10 million yuan purchase of web advertising, to support the development of small and medium-sized websites and blogs.

· to prevent the domain name account information was modified in time to modify the phone information

      things are like this: a domain name registrar Nanjing Branch received a fax message: copy of ID card and the domain name ID, as well as the application to change the password. Request to change the ID password. Sent to the new mailbox [email protected]    fortunately, domain name registrant contact me in time to determine this is a fake fraud. A very simple fraud, may be easily identified, but if the fraud was repeated 100 times, once successful, may have caused huge losses to the owner of the domain name.

· Ma Ali mother VS Shi Yuzhu melatonin

since Shi Yuzhu made the people of naobaijin advertising, advertising and marketing is another kind of expression " " sichanlanda, nausea; reckless tube you upset is that you know. Here again by melatonin case, is regarded as a classic marketing community, who engage in marketing buddies are well read, of course, are trying to imitate in order to achieve the corresponding effect, Ali’s mother also came to a copy of the.

· Ali quickly made a first

accidentally, Ali group in the Alibaba, Alipay, after making the first: the Alibaba said Ali mother into Chinese largest online advertising platform. Compared to large financing Alibaba before the B2B platform after it took several years to face B2B, fight easy >

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