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on the Internet "Yellow Peril" spread, especially without a record of personal website has become the hardest hit. In order to curb the spread of the "Yellow Peril", strengthen the website registration information verification, "recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" promulgated, requirements for the verification of the site to the identity information, and to the main station information, contact information and access to information for review. The first record access "is our 2005 implementation of the" non operating Internet information service record management approach "put forward clear requirements, however, some unscrupulous operators ignore the rule, as long as the person you can pay.Com domain name registration site opened.

.Com website registration cost is low

Although the December 2009

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice, no business license or certificate of organization code of individual users, can not apply for the registration of.Cn domestic domain, but the international domain name.Com was therefore present a fiery sales situation, and many personal websites to lease space outside.

on the Internet to find a registered domain name of the site as easy as blowing off dust, as long as the Google, Baidu and other search engines to enter "to buy the domain name" and "agent domain" and other words, you can easily find the sales site domain name. These sites sell.Com domain name ranging from 20 yuan to more than $sixty or seventy, the price of rental space is also very cheap. In order to attract buyers, these sites have opened 24 hours of customer service hotline, free phone calls, or QQ customer service staff at any time online to answer questions, and some sites also played a buy space to send the domain name, the ad.

most of the agents registered.Com domain name of the site to lease offshore server space as a selling point. Reporter consulted a number of agencies, at present, the United States and some European countries have become the focus of recommendation, high security, stability, speed is a common advertising words. Overseas network storage space price is not expensive, 100M only one hundred or two hundred yuan per year, for those who earn huge profits pornographic sites, low cost.

pointed out that the Internet Celebrities Yu Guofu an interview with reporters, not prohibited by law as can be, can not personal domain name registration, the relevant laws and regulations of China does not expressly, the domain name management approach has not been clearly not personal domain name registration. Domestic domain name.Cn temporarily can not apply for registration, the international domain name.Com is bound to have greater demand. It is understood that at present China has tens of millions of personal websites, due to a small website to spend more, and with a further increase of Internet users and the Internet in influence, personal sites do heat will continue to rise, which brought no small difficulty to supervision.

can not access

although the recent increase in the relevant departments of the Internet access providers supervision, however, the reporter visited the more than and 10 claims agency >

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