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Beijing time on August 19th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the California Santa Clara university law professor Eric · Goldman (Eric Goldman) on Wednesday published an article that Google should stop participating in the AdWords advertising auction.

generally, the auctioneer shall not participate in the auction of their products. However, Google has been involved in the AdWords ad auction, and will take the search keywords used to promote Google products. Goldman believes that Google’s participation in AdWrods advertising auction distorted the value of search advertising, the outside world is not clear in this process Google is to ensure fair competition.

Google will sometimes use AdWords ads to promote their products or services. Google will also buy keywords to promote charity and public services, or to some offensive search results to apologize.

AdWords search advertising is determined by two factors, that is, advertisers are willing to pay the price and the quality of advertising. Goldman believes that Google is very understanding of the quality of advertising and advertisers bid, it is impossible to participate in the search keywords fair auction.

Google said, the advertising department to buy search keywords and other advertisers need to follow the same process, and does not know any insider information, the department needs to use the advertising budget to pay for advertising. However, Goldman believes that although Google’s argument may be true, but Google will inevitably face conflicts of interest in this process.

Goldman hope that Google uses a special ad to put their own advertising, such as Google had previously posted on the home page of the Chrome browser and Nexus One mobile advertising. In addition, Google can also prevent other advertisers bidding Google want to put advertising search keywords. (Li Hui)

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