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aimed at "eating and sleeping", open up the last mile, in recent years, entrepreneurs invariably aimed at the community O2O, bustling, really raging like a storm, burned a fire "". However, some things are easier said than done hard, seeing the Geluyinghao burn a lot of money, is still not a hit effective profit model. Why? The author believes that the O2O community is definitely not a flashy APP to it, it is the test of the real power line. Who can take the lead in the "fire" burned it, who will be the first to succeed.


needs to push: what does the community need?

this is a problem that everyone can feel. When we are at home, what kind of service do we need?

, for example, one day, suddenly found that drinking fountains without water, we hope, according to a mobile phone, not to dozens of minutes, you need bottled water to come; or that one day to eat dumplings, immediately need a bag of flour, a single software, soon came to the flour; or, classmates and friends soon to visit, but the house is a mess, a directive, domestic service who will come up a rash and too much in haste, Home Furnishing, etc..

it is clear that the community to meet the needs of the two types of O2O, one is the demand for goods, a community service needs. Moreover, these two types of demand, mostly real-time, need to quickly come true. Over time, the community O2O necessity will be greatly reduced, because in addition to mobility and lazy, relying on software as their own action, after all, the purchase of goods and services, can be picked, than even bargaining, consumers will take the field experience to solve. Further, if the need for non real time services, Taobao and Jingdong and other electronic business platform to be more powerful, he has a community of O2O


so, the problem is coming, how to achieve a quick door to integrate resources to rely on the super provider, or to specify the business of their own home service?. Take sb to buy goods and services, a bag of rice, orders to the designated merchants through the software, because businesses from the warehouse to the outlets, the distribution is very uneven, after the deployment of goods and home delivery etc, the delivery time will greatly exceed the time limit. Once more than 15 minutes, the enthusiasm of consumers to use software will be greatly reduced.

most of us have had this experience, if at noon to eat a KFC, a phone call in the past, generally less than 20 minutes will appear in your home zhaijisong. In fact, self-evident, Kentucky and ZJS has provided us with a good model, that is the dot + distribution pattern. Outlets all over the community, the delivery staff at any time, such as a close combination of the machine, once received instructions, the rapid operation, giving consumers a great consumer experience.

to push through the above requirements, we can easily draw a conclusion: Community >

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