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A5 webmaster network July 13 news yesterday, Sina formally launched the social networking site quiz what, and enable the domain name two. According to Sina official said, micro what is a communication community can share the answers to the problem of knowledge. Here the user can ask questions to get answers to community members, you can also share with the exchange of experience and knowledge.

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by micro what, users can use a form similar to micro-blog’s attention you want to pay attention to the user or topic, access to various types of information. Through the establishment of social relationships, not only can issue questions to get answers, you can also pay attention to the topic of interest, share their answers with other users to communicate. Pay attention to the user or the topic, you can get the user’s latest issue and share the answer; get the topic of concern related to the recent update. On the basis of the establishment of social relationships, users can explore and share the problem in-depth, take the point of view of the exchange and collision.

micro based on Sina’s user base and a large number of social relationships and the amount of information, micro-blog will integrate the fragmented information, extract more valuable information to the user. Compared to the traditional Q & a community, based on micro-blog’s social relationships, micro what information is more interactive, spread faster updates, access to information is also more timely. The value of information will be further explored.

called social Q & A, through the establishment of a social network, hoping to form a relationship with the community to help users find better questions and answers. Its first rise in foreign countries. American social networking site pioneer Quora was founded in 2008, financing more than 10 million. The rise of domestic social question late, the earliest known almost on the line in January 26, 2011. Baidu and Shanda have also been on the line last year, the social networking site Baidu new knowledge and rice. Social question and answer compared to Baidu and Sina know ask the traditional quiz website, the biggest difference lies in the establishment of social networking sites, through social relationships to prosperity quiz website. At present, China is still in its infancy, but has great potential for development. Sina micro what on the line will open the arrival of the era of domestic micro quiz, there will be more based on micro-blog, SNS and other social networking questions and answers community rise. Not only for Baidu and other traditional Q & a site impact, for almost know, Baidu new knowledge and other veteran social questions will also bring some impact. (text / Yang Yang)

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