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Shanghai business school has been with the company: to terminate the agency agreement commitment for the victims of the seller refund

IT Times reporter Wang Xin

wave is not flat, wave again. This newspaper has reported continuous casting "in Amoy Amoy outside" project loan agents nationwide big money news, the tentacles of Shandong agents repeat the stock tricks. Recently, a number of Shandong Taobao sellers told reporters in Hangzhou to open the network science and technology limited company marketing conference, have been deceived.

function similar to the product, completely similar marketing practices, by the seller, Taobao outside the station on the grounds of the problem of marketing repeated, causing the IT Times reporter’s attention again.

marketing conference like spy film

April 10, 2012, Shandong Jining Mr Yu, received a strange number Wangwang message, said to be held a "100 City stores network operators to support the plan" meeting in Jining city. The invitation sent to the other prominent position in turn with a LOGO Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay and ShopEx four companies, Mr. Yu said, "this makes people look feel that these well-known large companies held a meeting." What’s more, the invitation to the meeting did not mention the "shopkeeper" 3 words, but this is precisely the final product name marketing conference organizers.

April 13th, Mr. Yu joined the "Taobao strategic city shops network operators to support the plan of the general assembly.

"the meeting gave me the deepest impression is" Alibaba "and" a Taobao "and" Alipay’s "conference room, they are the second Taobao dress, wearing printed with" Taobao strategic plan "ribbon at the beginning of the video has been playing ma." Mr. Yu recalled, first say are the Taobao marketing channel, Taobao and Taobao search ranking rules and so on related content, "she said later," said shopkeeper, "blowing what search on it as if it were raining flowers, and increased traffic, said after the opening of what traffic is very large. Good business to busy……"

well rhetoric, plus Taobao, Alibaba brand promise, Mr. Yu did not hesitate on pay, took 9600 yuan to enjoy 4 years of service package, and the company to sign a "shopkeeper gem service agreement" contract.

Guo from Shandong Weifang, has a similar experience, she and Mr. Yu said that the conference organizers to not let the participants with relatives and friends, even in the venue is not allowed to communicate with each other between the seller one Taobao, one seat, each Taobao seller by a staff dedicated to the "shadow" if each other, whisper, the staff will come up to stop. They do so, may be afraid of the exchange between the seller, it is easy to expose their trick." Guo after the analysis of the road.

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